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Cav. Deyanira De La Cruz

She was born in the Dominican Republic. She graduated from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, in Cinematographic Arts, and in Performing Arts, in the School of Fine Arts. She worked in the world of cinema and theater, and then moved to London at the end of 1988. The following year she traveled to Rome where she entered to work in the Catacombs of San Sebastian and at the same time, began to study archeology with direction “Christian Rome and Catacombs”. She developed cultural exchanges between Rome and Santo Domingo. She was the founder and president of the Dante Alighieri Society and School in the Dominican Republic for thirteen years. She created a legacy of dedication and passion towards the progress of the Italian language and culture in Santo Domingo, for which, the Italian government decorated with “In Merito Della Repubblica Italiana L ‘Onorificenza Di Cavaliere in 2007”. Since the end of 2012, she is completely dedicated to her artistic projects.