Arch of Titus. Photo by Carlos Aristizabal

Rome, return to you I want

I want to return to you, Rome,
and feel the fragrance of your ruins …
of your ancient temples,
millions of footprints …
tourists, faithful devotees, students
and archaeologists; they arrived, they arrive and
They look like me, feel
the essence of your ruins.

I want to return to you, Rome,
and feel the Legends and
see the Palatine Hill,
that keeps silent
a wealth of stories.

I want to return to you, Rome,
to feel the perfume of the centuries,
with millenary waters that irrigate the soil and,
around them, the myths of drops
that sparkle the sources
a fire that always lives.

Sources of glorious waters
that they left marked in rows of deaf sounds,
gazelles to the eyes, the magic of inspiring
to conquerors, thinkers, and artists.

I want to return to you, Rome,
to go to the Campo di Fiori market and
feel the smells of your land,
in voices of voices of a people
that keeps traditions in fruit colors
and at night I heard
flute music, sweet magic
where the girl Regina danced,
with pristine innocence
leaving in the square its charm sweetness.

I want to return to you, Rome,
and walk the silence
for the famous “Appia Antica”, the so-called “Regina Viarum”,
where I left my voice in the tourists of the Catacombs of San Sebastian,
where my voice traveled through galleries
of dark labyrinths
in the old Christian cemeteries of a story.

I want to return to you, Rome,
to dance in the tradition of yesteryear,
of Cathedrals, Pantheon, Colosseum, Roman Forum and
in the famous squares: ” Navona, del Popolo or Spain,
with the many tourist encounters,
converting sorrows or loves.

I want to return to you, Rome,
and get back on the Vatican pilaster chains,
where the glories of Christian civilizations sing,
going between columns
from his idealist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini,
Rafael and the great Miguelangelo,
they refined the universal perfections,
leaving it for the enjoyment of beauty told in history.

I do not want to forget you, Rome,
the legend of pulling back,
the coins in “Le Acque Virgine” Baroque fountain of the famous
“Fontana de Trivi”, forever return to you, Rome.

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